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Dipl.-Engineer Peter Manner
Expert in Machine Evaluation


motor spindle within machine tools
Schematic diagram of an integrated electric motor in the spindle axis (motor spindle)

Article in German language: Repair of motor spindles; authors: Jacob and Manner; the article deals with use and application of motor spindles for machine tools. Motor spindles combine clamping and movement of tools. Advantages of motor spindles are: speed is variable within a wide range and service cost are low. Motor spindles are fed with energy by frequency inverters and driven alternatively by asynchronous or synchronous motors with permanent magnets. 85 % of motor spindle damages are bearing damages. Bearing damages are mainly caused by wear and collision. Leaflet: "MM Maschinenmarkt, 6/2009, Vogel Verlag Würzburg"; article as PDF: Motorspindel.pdf informations through VogelVerlag

average economic use of machines and industrial equipment
Diagram of value over time with thorough going-over

Brochure in German language: Average economic use of machines, devices, plants, equipment; Lectura publishing house 2003, 104 pages; Authors: Dipl.-Ing. Peter Eggert and Dipl.-Ing. Peter Manner; Approximate values for over 3.000 objects from the ranges mechanical engineering and equipment technology. To contents find closer information with Lectura publishing house

current value of machines with respect to property insurance
insurance value and current value

Article in German language: Current value of a machine / a plant more largely or smaller than 40% of the original value? Author: Dipl.-Ing. Peter Manner; Contents: Problem of current insurance value in case of damage; Booklet: "Der Sachverständige" 6/2005, publishing house C. H. Beck, Munich.