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Dipl.-Engineer Peter Manner
Expert in Machine Evaluation

Machines / Plants (Selection)

As a publicly appointed and sworn / certified expert I worked out appraisals for evaluation and assessments of damages, defects and performance deficiencies of the following machines / plants among other things

Metal working machines and associated tools

bending machines, cnc machining centers, electrical dicharge machines, flame-cutting equipment, grinding machines, laser processing centers, machining centers, machine tools, metal forming machine tools, milling machines, presses, pressing and punching tools, punching machines, separating machine tools, special purpose machines, turning machines, sheet metal working machines, welding equipment, workpiece and tool holder

Woodworking machines

cnc machining centers, milling machines, planning machines, sawmill machinery, saws

Stone processing machinery

gang saws, grinding machines, shearers, saws

Plants for automotive industry and engineering

manufacturing facilities for car transmissions, car blocks and cylinder heads, car and truck crankshafts, car bumpers, car instrument panels, machine beds of tooling machines, transmissions of wind turbines

Machines and plants for pastic processing

injection molding machines, injection molds, water cutting machines as well as manufacturing facilities for ball point pens, airless dispensers, seals, parts of boats and caravans, blown film, PET-bottles

Machines and plants for mining, construction, building materials and recycling industry

crushers, construction machinery, concrete mixing plants, mixers, screening plants, shredders, silos as well as processing equipment for briquettes, roofing tiles and recycling plants for biowaste, electronic waste, cables, printed circuit boards, metal and textile scrap, pollutants

Machines and plants for food, feed, pharmaceuticals and beverages

bakery machines, coaters, dryers, mills as well as plants for corn, meat processing, brewery and fruit juice

Machines and plants for paper production and processing

paper machines, printing machines, plants for stock preparation

Plants for metal production and processing

rolling mills for metal film and spring band steel, foundries for cast iron and aluminium, wire drawing machines, metal smelters, hardening plants

Machines and plants for general purpose
  • conveying and storage technology: conveyors, hoists, forklifts as well as conveyor systems for pallets, woodchips, high-bay warehouse, picking robot for pharmacies, big bag filling stations
  • surface technology: etcher for wafers, plants for coating, electroplating, painting and metal cleaning
  • packaging equipment for food, potatoes, pharmaceuticals, writing equipment, phone cards
  • assembly lines for car transmissions, electric toothbrushes, paint roller, writing eqipment
  • handling technology: deburring robots, adhesive robots, welding robots, workpiece feed and removal for presses and machining centers
  • heat generation: industry furnaces, dryers, heat exchangers
  • fluid power: centrifuges, decanters, filters, pumps as well as plants for treatment of drinking and waste water
  • air and climate conditioning: filters, compressors, fans, cooling systems
Electrical engineering

control engineering, generators, transformers, eletric motors, switchgears, static frequency changers, emergency power generators, biological gas facilities