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Dipl.-Engineer Peter Manner
Expert in Machine Evaluation

Data Protection Declaration

I place a high priority on the protection and security of personal data. Therefore I keep to the rules of the data protection declaration. In the following text you will be informed what kind of data will be collected and for what reason the data will be used.

Data transmission / Data protocol

When visiting my website the web-server scans automatically the associated log files, which do not contain personal data. They contain, for example, the type and version of the browser, the operating system used, the URL referred to, the IP address of the requesting computer, the date and time of connection of the server request and the name and URL of the requesting client. These data are collected only for statistical evaluation; there is no transfer to third parties for commercial or non-commercial use.

Use of personal data

Personal data will be collected or used only if you provide these data voluntarily, for example within the scope of a request. If there are no implications relating to commercial use, you may at any time withdraw your previously given consent for retention of the data, in writing by email or fax. Your data will not be transfered to third parties, unless this is legally required.

Information within, changes to, and deletion of your data

As specified in the relevant legislation, you may at any time contact me in writing, as to whether any of your personal data, and which such data, are stored in my office. You will be provided with such information in a timely way.

Security of your data

Personal data with which you provide me will be held securely using all possible technical and organisational security provisions so that the data will be inacessible to unauthorisied third parties. When sending sensitive data or information it is recommended that you send the data by mail; complete data protection is not possible by email.

Change of these declaration rules

I will update these rules for protection of your personal data from time to time. By viewing these rules you will see how I protect your data and continually improve the content of my website. If I make essential changes when collecting, using and/or transmitting your personal data given to me, I will inform you via clear and visible advice on my website. By using the website, you declare that you accept the terms of this declaration on personal data protection. If you have questions regarding these data protection declarations, please use my contact page.