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Dipl.-Engineer Peter Manner
Expert in Machine Evaluation

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Publicly appointed and sworn expert for the evaluation of machines and industrial plants
by the Lake of Constance Chamber of Industry and Commerce, 88250 Weingarten / Germany

Address: Prielstr. 17, D-88696 Owingen/Bodensee, Germany
e-mail: mail@sv-manner.de -- brief profile: profile_manner.pdf

Telephone: +49 7551 624 96 -- Fax: +49 7551 91 53 36 -- Mobile: +49 171 75 63 000

Expert Group for Technology (Experten Gemeinschaft Technik e. V.)
Expert Group for Electronics and EDP (Fachgruppe Elektronik und EDV)

Appraisals / expert / assessments / consultation

Machines and Plants (for details refer to chapter Machines / Plants)
  • determine damage extent, market value, insured value, balance value
  • determine construction time, production time, assembly time, programing time
  • preserve evidence, clarify technical questions, treat proof resolutions
  • clarify performance and consulting expenditure with SAP projects
  • performance and consulting expenditure of SAP projects
  • evaluation of packaging / lack of packaging